Hey there! I’m Rebecca, a lifelong writer and artist and founder of Storywind Trading!

Are you a story nerd like I am?

I doodled and dreamed up stories since I was a kid, always staring out the window concocting my next dramatic tale. Little did Tiny Me know how far that would go! Today I’m a novelist, avid reader, and passionate player of Dungeons & Dragons and other role playing games.

Life is never content without throwing us some surprises along the way, though. I discovered a second love in graphic design and art, in crafting beautiful objects and artworks and websites that helped people and made people happy.

Then the stars aligned, and now I’m fusing my love of creating beauty with my love of story!

By combining these passions I hope to create unique and inspiring products that capture the essence of adventure—or at least make you laugh with humor, wit, and a dash of whimsy.

From wine tumblers that transport you to imaginary adventures in far-off lands to mugs that awaken the adventurer within even on a Monday morning—our collection is a treasure trove of possibilities. There are items in this hoard to enhance your gaming experience, your writing session, or just your Saturday afternoon.

Fun fact: My first entrepreneurial adventure was trying to sell drawings of my dad at the curbside. Needless to say, it wasn’t a huge success. I’ve also sold carved pumpkins for Halloween, T-shirts, websites, books, short stories, and Girl Scout cookies.

But I am most excited to share Storywind Trading and all its treasures with you!

Life is an epic tale just waiting to be written, and I’d be honored to outfit you with some rad gear.

Safe travels, my friend!